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Skin Types & Conditions

Below is a list of common skin types and conditions. Still need help determining which one fits your skin? At Cinda’s we offer a free online and in person consultation. Learn more here.

Oily & Acne-Prone Skin


  1. Skin may be prone to open and closed comedones
  2. Skin is mostly oily on nose, forehead, chin, and is congested
  3. Skin is prone to breakouts and blemishes
  4. Skin had open and enlarged pores, due to trapped oil in overactive sebaceous glands

Dry Skin


  1. Skin may feel tight and parched
  2. Skin may have flaky areas and rough, scaly appearance
  3. Skin may be translucent and delicate
  4. Pores are usually invisible and prone to fine lines and wrinkles

Normal Skin


  1. Skin tends to be neither dry or oily
  2. Oil glands function at a normal rate of secretion
  3. Skin may have a slight rosey tone to complexion
  4. Skin may have only a few enlarged pores on checks, nose and chin

Combination Skin


  1. Skin may be dry around eyes and sides of face
  2. Skin may be oily in the T Zone
  3. Skin may have blackheads on nose, chin and forehead
  4. Skin will become dryer with age

Dehydrated & Devitalized Skin


  1. Skin may look dry, dull, scaly and flaky
  2. Skin may have a parched look appearance
  3. Skin may have a rough texture w/fine lines
  4. Nose and forehead appears to have additional thin layer

Couperose / Rosacea Skin


  1. Skin can have temporary or chronic redness
  2. Skin can have dilated blood vessels on checks, chin and around nose
  3. Skin may have acne postules in cheek and forehead areas
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Mature & Aging


  1. Skin may be dull and superficially dehydrated
  2. Skin may have irregular patches of pigmentation
  3. Skin may have broken capillaries around the nose and cheeks
  4. Skin may appear looser with deeper more obvious lines
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Sensitive Skin


  1. Skin can have the appearance of redness
  2. Skin can be either oily or dry
  3. Skin is sensitive to fragrances and perfumes
  4. Adverse reactions can occur from harsh ingredients in products
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Skin Consultation

Knowing how to choose the right products for your skin can be challenging. At Cinda’s Botanical Blends, we make this process simple. Contact us for a complimentary in person or online consultation.

Customer Satisfaction

What Our Customers Are Saying.

I have had struggled with my skin since I was a teenager and have literally tried everything dermatologists, lasers, pharmaceuticals, every “new product,” and Cinda’s organic products are the only thing that I have EVER found that will keep my skin clear. We are so lucky she is in Southern Illinois and had to share how much she has helped!
Dr. Angie Baxter
I have been going to Cinda for over 6 years. I have used almost all of her products and I love them all! Cinda has corrected many different facial issues for me and my family due to the commercial cosmetic field filled with toxic chemicals. Cinda is extremely knowledgeable about her natural/organic products and the ingredients. She will customize products for the needs of the individual! Cinda is such an asset to Southern Illinois!
Melise Smith Oakley
Our son has been working thru his first (hopefully last) flare up of eczema. It's been 8 months since we've seen clear skin and we've been to four MD's. We recently reached out for natural treatment products and Cinda's Botanical Blends have been the only product (Rx or otherwise) to bring relief AND improvement to our son. Now all members of our family are using the products and are amazed at our own skin's improvement. Thank you!
Kirsty Nickels

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